Patient Testimonials

July 22, 2014

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is _____ and I wanted to bring to your personal attention the incredible medical care, compassion and service provided to my sister. It is devastating news when you are informed of any “lump or mass” being detected and this cause for concern is only amplified when you have a family history of breast cancer.

This was the news which my sister was initially given and until such time that additional MRIs, biopsies, and multiple additional exams were to be conducted and their respective results known, we held our collective breaths! The first biopsy exam my sister was given was conducted by Dr. Altavilla. She was kind, patient, and she explained why we would benefit from them biopsy and she educated us without rushing us to make a decision.

Ms. Carolina was in constant contact with my sister’s doctor’s office that needed to make the required authorizations. She, along with the rest of your front office staff, exemplified both a professionalism and kindness which is so required for patients who are potentially facing devastating medical news.

The subsequent biopsy was performed by Dr. Bendavid, including an additional biopsy to be performed on July the 23rd. Dr. Bendavid had been advised by Dr. Altavilla regarding my sister’s unique needs after getting the original biopsy and performed the subsequent procedure with exceptional care and precision. His “bed side” manner was exceptional and he stayed with my sister after her biopsy to calm her. I could honestly say that I could not have asked for more or expected more attention or care from a doctor as I did from Dr. Bendavid.

It is normal or even expected that after seeing patient after patient who are diagnosed with breast cancer, that the doctor would become “numb” to the suffering of their patients. This would allow them to cope with to deal with these patients. However, what I saw from your staff and your doctors is that each patient is important, and that their treatment of each patient is NOT routine.

I am forever grateful to your team and Drs. Altavilla and Bendavid for their compassion, kindness, and care of my sister. My hope and goal in writing this letter is for your staff and your doctors to be recognized for their dedication and exceptional care provided daily.